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Look, I’m never going to give you a free flight on a private jet.  I’m sure that’s nice… but it ain’t gonna help you make money.  No… I only give you things that will supplement the product you just purchased.  So, behold the newest wave of money-making bonuses just for you!

1. The Quantum Warrior, by John Kehoe

Simply a must read!  It’s all between your ears, my friend.  If hard work made you rich, roofers, construction workers, landscapers and the guy that shovels the elephant shiz at the circus would all be among the highest paid workers in the world.  But, they aren’t.  Not even close.  So, what makes you rich and abundant?  Thinking and feeling rich and abundant.  How do you think and feel rich all the time?  You program your subconscious.  And, this book tells you exactly how to do it, by a guy who does it daily.

And, I know… I’ve given this away before.  But, my guess is that most of you didn’t get it.  And, if you did… didn’t read it.  That’s just how people are.  And, again, it’s a must read.  So get it… and read it!  It’s totally worth it.  And, it’s free.

More bonuses coming…

2. Isochronic Beats For Success And Abundance

Don’t know what isochronic beats are?  Neither did I… until recently.  And WOW!  More amazing they could not be.  Isochronic beats are sounds, that when listened to with headphones, put you in a trance… and stimulate a specific part of your brain to activate the success you want.  I recorded my own positive affirmations and put them over the beats.  But, no need to even do that.  They work great on their own!  Google the term and check out what people are saying.  If you want your affirmations and visualizations to become reality… fast… this is how you do it.  This is deep stuff.  I’m in on it.  Now, you can be, too.  Two weeks of listening to these tones equals months and months of repeating positive affirmations.

In addition, I’ll tell you how to record affirmations over your beats to enhance the experience even more!

3. Thirty Minute Phone Call With Me!

I charge $497 for a half hour phone consult.  So, this would be less… now wouldn’t it?  Use it to your advantage.  And, if you think that by getting it free that I’ll be unmotivated or won’t give you my full attention, check out what others have said about my free phone consults:

“Thanks for the informative 30 minute FREE consultation call we just had. You refocused me quickly on what I need to do to start making some money in this current real estate market. Having been recently downsized from a large corporation my 27 year sales career dumped me off on the road to nowhere. Then I see this cat that offers me a FREE 30 minute consultation. I’m also a pastor and deal with peoples motives..even when they don’t see them for themselves. I have read a lot of your emails…never once thinking that this freebie was to hook me (not really naive either). So you did not let me down. Just spit out real estate wisdom in response to my questions…and had me scrambling to write it down.”

- Ronald Buch

4. One Email Follow-Up To Your Free Phone Consultation

I think fast and I talk even faster.  If you’ve ever been on the phone with me, you know this to be true.  So, you are certainly going to have questions after we get off the phone.  It could be two minutes after we hang up… or it could be a week.  Regardless, you have this free pass in your back pocket!  Shoot me over an email and I’ll answer your questions and give you advice for the future.

5. No-Expiration-Date Invitation To Mastermind With Me For A Day!

I live in one of the most desirable locales in all the world… Tampa Bay!  And, I know that many of you vacation down here.  So, if you are ever in the area, or if you want to jump on a plane tomorrow and meet with me… this is your invitation.  I don’t meet with random people.  I’m too busy and it’s just not an effective way for me to spend my day.  I mean, how do I know if you’re a serious person, or not?  I don’t.  But, if you invest in The Real Estate Tycoon and are willing to fly here (or drive, if you’re local), then I know you’re serious… and it will be an uplifting experience for both of us.  So, let’s do it!

This offer never expires.  So, even if it’s a few years from now… you’re good.  I know some guys that charge $50,000 to meet with them.  So, again, take advantage (as I’m writing this, a Groupon just came over for a “2, 3, or 4 night stay on FL’s Gulf Coast).

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