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Podcast Episode 001 – Finding a coach and and mentor checklist

Podcast Episode 002 – How to determine the ARV without the MLS!

Podcast Episode 003 – Instantly create cash buyers

Podcast Episode 004 – Two deal-killing mistakes wholesalers make when dealing with cash buyers

Podcast Episode 005 – My top 5 ways to find motivated seller leads

Podcast Episode 006 – Meet Daniil Kleyman, millionaire investor and landlord

Podcast Episode 007 – Why deals fall apart… and how to save them

Podcast Episode 008 – Meet David Corbaley, millionaire real estate investor and marketing expert

Podcast Episode 009 – Guarantee success by working backwards

Podcast Episode 010 – From homeless to house flipper (inspiring true story)

Podcast Episode 011 – How to flip a “bad” deal… and still make money!

Podcast Episode 012 – Meet Franklin Cruz… SLD student flips hundreds of houses (reveals his secrets)

Podcast Episode 013 – Sneaky technique for stalling a seller… without losing the deal

Podcast Episode 014 – SIMPLE (buyer) technique adds thousands in profit

Podcast Episode 015 – $22,500 in profit! Discover valuable  lessons from  my last flip

Podcast Episode 016: – How to squeeeze $1,000 out of a “dead” deal

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