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Elite House Flipping Resources

My wildly successful, chart-topping and #1 ranked on Amazon e-book!  Simply a must read for new wholesalers. Wait to you see how cheap it is, too…



The absolute gold standard in house flipping software! This program will just about run your business for you… providing motivated seller leads, cash buyers, comps, street views, marketing… all within a click of your mouse! If you’re serious about flipping houses, there is nothing that even comes close.








Wholesaling is a numbers game.  And, if you don’t have enough leads coming in, you won’t flip any houses.  At best, you can hope to be wildly inconsistent.  The Leads In An Hour system shows you how to garner enough leads to ensure your funnel is full and your income goal is attained… each and every month.



If you’re looking to flip bank-owned properties… and let’s face it, if you’re not, you’re missing out on an absolute gold mine… then this is all you need! The creator of this product flips 30 to 40 REO’s every single month! I don’t have to tell you how much money that is…


This product was created by one of the best investors in Tampa, and one of my good friends, Matt Andrews.  It teaches you how to leverage the power of the internet to flip houses and make tons of money.  From setting up your websites to finding houses… it covers it all.


One of the two most effective marketing tools a wholesaler uses is direct mail. And, the absolute best resource to use is Yellow Letter Mail. They will handwrite, address, stamp, stuff and fold all of your mailers. Ever tried doing this yourself? What a nightmare! Unload this tedious task to the professionals. And, in addition, they will provide you with a targeted list to mail to… and help you narrow your list so you maximize your marketint dollar! How can they do this? Because it’s owned by real estate investors…



This is where I tell all of my students to go for their printed bandit signs. They can even print signs using a font that looks like it’s handwritten! How cool is that?


Brain Sync

You need to be all over this.  Trust me.  Everything… everything… that happens to you starts as a thought, belief or feeling inside you.  Everything.  Did I say everything?  Everything.  Nothing happens by chance or coincidence.  You create it all… good, bad or indifferent.  And, there are no victims in life.

So, if you are the creator of your reality, why not create lots of money?  This is how you do it.  Click the picture.  Then, when on the site, scroll down and click “manifest prosperity.”  And, watch the miracles happen.  Have fun…


I personally use this to manage my finances. Set up budgets, monitor income and savings, and live within your means all with Mint.com. Life Coaches all over the world recommend this amazing resource. It’s safe and secure. And, I know some multi-millionaires that use it. If they trust it, why shouldn’t you?


If you value your time and hate checking voice mail, like I do, then say hello to your savior.  It takes all of your voice mails and transcribes them into a text message that you can read quickly.  It will also send you an email with the audio file, in case the person leaving the message didn’t speak clearly enough.  You can get 40 transcribed voice mails for less than $10 a month.  Well worth it.  Hell, I’d pay $100 a month for this service…


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