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Flipping Houses: Valuable Lesson From Monday Night Football

“Everything that you will some day live, you have first imagined.  Nothing will manifest in your experience without the imagination process happening first.” – Abraham (via Esther Hicks)

That picture above is from the last play of last night’s Monday Night Football game.  I didn’t watch the game, but I saw the highlights.  And thus, I was clued in on the incredible controversy that ensued.

If you don’t know, I’ll break it down real quick.  NFL referees and officials are on strike.  So, the NFL was forced to bring in replacement refs… SCABS.  And with them, a ton of controversies, blown calls and botched decisions.

Bottom line: It’s been bad.  Really bad…

So, fast forward to last night.  Green Bay is up.  Seattle lines up for a Hail Mary.  And, who comes down with it?  Well… that’s still being debated.  Looked like an interception.  Refs called it a simultaneous catch, which is awarded to the offense.  End result?

Touchdown.  Seattle wins.

Here is why this controversy (and loss, by Green Bay) was totally avoidable.  Every defensive player, from the time they are in Pop Warner ball, up to the NFL, is taught one thing regarding a Hail Mary pass…

Knock… It… Down.

If Green Bay knocks the ball down, the pass falls incomplete and Green Bay wins.  The defensive player, however, attempts to catch the ball.  And thus, he ends up locked together with a receiver, both laying claim to the ball.

Here is what this play teaches us about flipping houses:

I have basically one hard and fast rule when it comes to wholesaling.  And, if you fail to adhere to it, you’ll likely end up like Green Bay in the end… losing.

My hard and fast rule?

Lock… It… Down!

Under contract, I mean.  Lock it down… now!  I’ve seen it happen time and time again.  You talk to a seller, you get all the information you need.  You hang up, crunch the numbers and decide you want to make an offer.  But, instead of calling the seller back and making it, you decide to make an appointment to see the house first, or do any number of other things.

Big mistake.

Let me ask you, do you think you’re the only wholesaler this seller is speaking to currently?  If so, that’s another big mistake.  Always assume they are speaking to others, sometimes, many more.  And, assume these other wholesalers are making offers, too.  Bottom line… get on it.  If you hesitate, you end up like the Packers.

Missing out.

So, stop messing around and just lock it down.  You can always cancel later, if need be.  But, while you have a contract in place, that seller can’t legally sell to anyone else.  The contract gives you the power; the win.  Without it, you’ll need a Hail Mary… a prayer!

Now get out there and flip something!

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make the same mistake.
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