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Flipping Houses – The best source to pull comps?

These 5 top sources for pulling comparables will help you crunch your house flipping numbers fast with pinpoint accuracy for profit!

1. FreedomSoft

2. Realquest.com

3. Zillow (pull comps, don’t just take the Zestimate)

4. Value from 3 or 4 free sites (zillow, cyberhomes, eppraisal, etc, etc)

5. Property tax assessor’s website

Take it from the Maestro. You’ll want to use these sites!

Andrew Massaro
Wholesale Real Estate Coach
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5 Responses

  1. Dan says:

    I too use Freedom$oft. It was a great Kick-Off in San Diego. Can’t wait for RELOAD!

  2. Jake says:

    All 5 listed will get you in trouble in a hurry. Get an appraisal. If you want to use any of those sites you might as well stand back and throw darts at prices and whichever you come closest to, use that. If you have not been around or do not how real esate works you definately need an appraisal, not some 2-bit comp cruncher. Anyone can take three closest sales and average the prices together. There is much more to an appraisal and that is what you need unless you know real eatate very well. Or just do what this guy says and lose you ass, you’re money.

  3. Brian says:

    This gentleman Jake is not completely correct. I am a mortgage broker and these 5 are very good places to get estimates. Even an appraisal is not a 100 percent if you do not get a good appraiser. and besides you can not do an appraisal for every deal you are wanting to do… unless you have that kind of money.

  4. Joanna Rull says:

    Yeah, it is too hard for Bing or Yahoo to contend with Google in Look Engine industry. Perhaps I simply anticipate Facebook’s ambition may generate the industry more fascinating.

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