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Flipping Houses: Sneaky Buyers Cutting You Out Of The Deal? Read This!

When you contract on a property, you then need to begin to show it to potential buyers, right?  How else will you get the house sold?

So, I was trading emails the other day with one of my new students, and he asked me, “Hey Maestro, how do I get my buyers to see the property without one of them under-cutting my price… and cutting me right out of the deal?”

That’s a great question!

Look, you work your tail off to get the deal.  And, let’s be frank… that’s the toughest part of the wholesalers equation right now… finding the deal.  So, you don’t want to just allow some cash buyer to come in and steal your deal, cutting you out to save himself a few pennies, right?  So, how, exactly, do you get the house sold while ensuring you remain firmly entrenched in the deal?

Step 1:
Call the seller and make an appointment to have the property inspected

“Hi Mrs. Seller, it’s Andrew and I wanted to see when I may be able to bring one of my inspectors over to see the property.”

Step 2:
Call the buyer and give him the dates and times he can see the house

Step 3:
Instruct the buyer that he is posing as your inspector and not as a buyer.

He’ll understand.  And, he is not to speak numbers or price in the presence of the seller, whatsoever!

Step 4:
Make sure you meet your buyer there!

Unless it’s a buyer that you’ve done tons of deals with, and that you 100% trust and feel comfortable with, make sure you are present when he’s there.

And that’s it!  This ensures that you stay firmly in control of every aspect of the deal.  When you lost control, you greatly increase the chances of losing the deal.  So, follow this step-by-step plan, and watch your income grow… FAST!

Andrew “The Maestro” Massaro
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