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In my VIP Wholesale coaching program…

We are equal partners in your business.  What does that mean?  That means I have a vested interest in your success.  I coach everyone in my program personally.  I’m not one of these giant coaching programs, where I sell you into the program from a stage somewhere, for $25,000 or $30,000, and then pass you onto someone else for coaching.  My program is exactly how it’s billed on my site – personal, direct, hands-on and 1-on-1.  It’s you and I together in your business.

You have unlimited access to me six days a week, for 52 weeks.  I only take off Sundays and major holidays that do not fall on a Sunday, like Thanksgiving.  And, I made the program a full year because there really is a year’s learning curve… and that’s with coaching. Without coaching, you’re that hamster on the wheel, running and running and running… and getting no-where.

I travel several times a year on business and personal vacations, but there is never any interruption in coaching.  In fact, my students rarely even know I’m traveling.  The only way they know is if I send out a picture, or mention it during our dialogue.  One thing my students never, ever hear from me is, “ Hey, I’ll be traveling next week, so contact so-and-so while I’m out.”  Or, “I’ll be traveling next week, so hold your questions and requests till I get back.”

That never happens.

No substitute teachers.

No interruption in coaching.



I supply you with everything you need to successfully flip houses.  This includes:

My personal contracts and legal documents
My personal purchase contract, assignment contract, lien invoice and addendum’s all come to you.  They are 100% legal and not state-specific.

My personal, thirty-second lead evaluator
With my lead sheet, you’ll be able to determine the viability of a lead within seconds!

My personal max offer calculator
This takes all the trial-and-error and guesswork out of the equation.  Fill in a few numbers… and boom!  It spits out your exact offer.

The highest level of Freedom$oft!!!  (for a limited time… don’t wait)
Freedom$oft is the gold standard in real estate investing.  It literally has no competition.  That’s how good it is.  And, I’m giving you access to its highest level!  That’s a $197/mo value… or a $2,364 value over the course of the program.  None of this cost is passed onto you.

I eat it all…



In my program, you’re going to discover…

Finding TONS of houses to flip!
Regardless of whether you are flipping houses… or selling hot dogs on the side of the road… you need to be an expert in marketing.  You need leads, customers and clients… or you can expect to be out of business very soon.  I’ll tell you where I get my stuff – bandit signs, direct mail source, etc, etc – and I’ll tell you exactly what to put on your marketing pieces (exactly what to write on your signs so they convert).  I’ll give you my yellow letters and postcards.  I’ll tell you exactly what my newspaper classified says (and much, much more).  Again, this takes the trial-and-error out of it.  I’ve done it all so I know what converts.  And, now you will, too!

How to determine the value of homes in just five minutes!
Determining the value of homes is very, very challenging these days.  I’ll teach you how to weed through all the numbers to figure out what a house is worth, if it were in perfect condition.

How to negotiate like a pro… so you make MORE money!
I’ll teach you how to negotiate like a seasoned veteran house flipper, both with sellers and buyers.  There is a science behind extending low-ball offers and getting them accepted.  It’s not as simple as saying, “Hey, Mr Seller, I can offer you $30,000 cash for your house,” and expect him to be overjoyed when he knows his house is worth $100,000.  I’ll show you how to position yourself and your offer to get it accepted… even at $.30 on the dollar!

My simple but powerful tricks for finding TONS of cash buyers!
I have a trick that’ll have your phone ringing off the hook with cash buyers… begging to buy your houses.

How to seek out and negotiate with investor-friendly title companies and/or closing attorneys
If they do not have experience with investors, we can’t work with them.

How to be an internet marketing expert
Market yourself, your business, your services and your properties effectively on the internet.  This can be extremely rewarding… and time-saving!  Make your house flipping business into its own brand.



In addition, you’ll uncover alternative strategies to flip houses, like…

Flipping REO’s (bank-owned properties)
Working with listing agents.  Making offers.  Negotiating.  And, closing the B to C transaction so the bank has no idea you just flipped it and made a ton of money.  Oh, and I have plenty of ways to get around their “no flip” rules, too.  There is virtually an unlimited supply of properties coming from the bank.  I’ll show you how to capitalize on this opportunity… while it lasts.

Virtual Wholesaling
Sometimes your market just isn’t a viable market to flip houses.  It could be in a rural area or maybe even too affluent.  In cases like this, I can help you pick another market and we can flip houses… without even being there!  And, if you lock down your market and have your business on auto-pilot, we can expand into other markets!

You’ll also discover the key to manifesting, and becoming rich, in anything you do!  I’ll teach you…

How to create the Millionaire Mind
Together, we’ll build the millionaire mind inside your head.  I’ll get you thinking like a millionaire… feeling financially abundant.  And, when you can master that, and continuously tap into that energy stream… that will become your reality!  Together, we’ll trick your subconscious into believing you’re already rich.  And then, it’s only a matter of time…

The science behind the law of attraction
We live in an attraction-based universe.  We are all walking magnets.  And, it can’t be turned off like some light switch.  So, if you can’t turn off attraction, you may as well understand this law and harness its power to attract great things into your life every single day!

In your first two weeks in the program, you’re new wholesaling business will be up and running.  I’m talking…

  • Systems and strategies in place
  • Marketing on the streets
  • Fielding leads
  • And making offers

In your first 4 weeks in the program, you will have the opportunity to flip your very first house.



Space is limited.  There is only so much of me to go around.  So, don’t wait, stop procrastinating and begin taking action… right now.  Opportunity is knocking.  All you have to do is open the door.

The housing market is red HOT right now.  The profit on a wholesale deals is going through the roof!  Check out this deal I closed at the end of December.  Not a bad way to end the year…





That is a check for $12,500.  The total profit on the deal was actually $22,500!  And, the best part?  I only flip houses part time, as my main focus is with my students and helping them succeed.  How cool is that?

But, you can’t hesitate.  I only coach a small handful of students at one time.  Besides, why wait on something this good, anyway?  Do yourself a huge favor… and click the button.  NOW!


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