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Flipping Houses – Hate Negotiating With Sellers? Here’s A Tip That’s Gold, Baby!

Have you seen The Wolf of Wall Street, yet?  If not, make it a top priority.   Be aware, though, that it’s very graphic.  But, if you can get past the language, nudity and drug use, it’s quite inspiring.

The movie is about a guy who parlayed his ability to sell and negotiate into millions and millions of dollars.  His success, while it lasted, had absolutely nothing to do with stocks.  It was him.  His desire.  His determination.  His dream.  And, his words.  I mean, the guy made people think they had to scratch a check for $5k, for some worthless penny stock, or they’d be missing out on something huge.  It’s truly amazing.

Guys like that aren’t made every day.  He has a unique ability to get people to do what he wants.  Most of us aren’t that influential.  But, that doesn’t mean we can’t make a killing flipping houses.  All you need to do is master a few simple techniques.  Here’s one.

Never give up something without getting something in return.

Here’s a great example.  You speak to a seller and he wants $100,000 for his house.  You, on the other hand, want to offer $80,000.  You make the offer, and of course… it’s rejected.  Sometimes, with extreme prejudice.  But, for this example, let’s just say it’s a shaky no.  So, what do you do now?  You guys are $20k apart.  And, both of you want to get this deal done.

Simple.  You compromise.  It goes something like this:

OK, Mr. Seller, you want $100k and I’m offering you $80k.  Why don’t we compromise, split the difference and get this deal done.  Look, I’ve even brought a contract made out for $90,000 cash.  Now, I’m willing to go higher than my original offer, which was my price ceiling.  But, in order to do so, I need to get your signature on this contract right now.  That means this is an exploding offer.  If I walk out of this door with no signature on the contract, I’ll have no choice but to move on to the other deals I’m looking at right now.

If he calls your bluff, you remind him about what you do – pay cash, close quick, take the house in its current condition, no realtor’s fees, etc, etc.  And, you also break it down to numbers.  ”What, you’re going to kill  this deal over 10%?  That’s nothing.”  And, if he still stands firm, you walk out, “forgetting” to take the contract with you.

He’ll call you.  They always do.

So, compromise, but always get something in return.  That’s negotiating 101.  Look, you don’t have to be the Wolf of Wall Street to land a wholesale deal.  Just install this little nugget into your negotiations… and observe the magic.

Andrew “The Maestro” Massaro
Founder, Wholesale Coaching, Inc.
House Flipping Expert

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Flipping Houses: 3 Ways To Spot A Fake Buyer

Nothing is more annoying than having some dude see your ad somewhere, contact you and express interest in buying your property… and then turn out to be a fake.

Happens all the time.  Much more than it used to…

Somehow, bird dogging someone’s property has become very, very popular.  Why?  Because all someone needs is a buyer’s list.  Actually, most of the bird dogs today don’t even have that.  What most of them do is stick your property on their website, or on a bunch of websites, and pass it off like their own.

As a wholesaler, we’re not against a guy bringing us a buyer.  In fact, I welcome it.  But, there is a protocol that needs to be adhered to.  If you lie to me, and pass yourself off as a cash buyer, I’m not as likely to trust you.  Bad way to start a relationship, Jack.

So, to protect your time and reputation, here are three dead giveaways that the “buyer” you’re speaking with has no intention of actually buying your house, but wholesaling it to someone else.  Oh, and let me preface this list by explaining that I’m referring to new buyers… not one of your regulars that buys houses from you each month.

1.   He wants to buy sight-unseen.

So, this guy whom you’ve never met or spoken with before, sees your bandit sign or online ad, and wants to buy the house, sight-unseen.  Doesn’t happen.  Your go-to, regular buyer may.  But, not someone you’ve never done a deal with before.  In fact, you may need about ten deals with a buyer before he will travel that route with you.  And, most still won’t.

Look, these guys are sinking thousands upon thousands of dollars into an investment that, if it doesn’t work out, could crush their business.  One bad deal could be disastrous.  And, they aren’t about to take that chance.   What takes them all of an hour, total, including travel time, to walk through a house, could save them tons of money and headaches later.

2. He asks you to send him the contract to sign.

This is a huge red flag.  As a wholesaler, you always want to meet your buyer in-person when he is signing contracts and delivering deposits.  Again, it takes almost no time whatsoever to get this done.  In fact, I take all contracts, copies and addendums with me whenever I show a house.  That way, if they want it, I can write up the assignment contract right then and there, and collect a deposit.  I kill two birds with one stone.  And, I can then deliver all of the docs and the check to the title company on my way home or back to the office.

Saves a ton of time and effort.  Much more efficient…

Most wholesalers will go ahead and honor the ridiculous request and send over the contracts.  Thinking the deal is done, they will stop promoting it, only to have a week or two go by… with no signed contracts in sight.  So, never send over any contracts.  When a buyer makes this request, kindly explain that you prefer to meet in person to get the contracts signed… and collect the deposit.

Which brings me to my next red flag…

3.  He refuses to give you a deposit.

Even though the deposit check is written out to the title company, he refuses to put any money down.  Or, and this one really cracks me up, he offers a deposit of $10.  Give me the world’s biggest break, will ya?  Am I wearing my Ronald McDonald costume, or something?  What do you take me for?

Any “buyer” that refuses to give you a deposit of at least $1,000… is not a buyer.  He not only will not be buying your house, but he will take weeks trying to find a buyer, tying up your property the entire time.  The earnest money terms are non-negotiable.  It’s a non-refundable deposit, made out to the title company.  And, if you fail to close, I keep your money and move on to another buyer.  The only part that’s negotiable is the amount.  My rule of thumb is, if your selling price is under $50k, a thousand bucks is fine.  If it’s over, then I need at least $2k.  And, if your property is super expensive (for a wholesale deal), like $250k or more, don’t be afraid to require $5k down as your deposit.

Look, if I guy is going to be plunking down $50k+ cash to buy the house, then a few thousand bucks shouldn’t be a problem.  If it is, he’s a fake.

OK, so what do you do with these people?

Just explain that you don’t mind if he shops your property to his buyers.  But, no way are you going to allow him to lock your property down while he does this.  So, cut a deal (either a % split, or have him mark your selling price up) and then tell him to pull in a buyer.   We’ll make sure everyone gets paid.

Now get out there and flip something!

Andrew “The Maestro” Massaro
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Flipping Houses: Not Doing Deals? This Is Most Likely The Reason…







Before I was in real estate, I was a sales and marketing rep for a local radio station in Tampa Bay.  I freaking loved my manager.  I looked at the guy like a second father.  I learned a lot from him, too, soaking up knowledge and wisdom from him whenever I could.

One thing he always told me was, “If you want to consistently make money, make sure your funnel is always full with prospects.”  Sales, in any industry, is a numbers game.  And, wholesaling is no different.  Because, what are wholesalers?  Investors?  Nah… we’re marketers.  Rehabbers and landlords pay us to find them deals.  And, in order to find deals, we need to entice people to pick up the phone and call us.

We make the phone ring.

So, now that we know this, all we need to know is how many leads we need in order to meet our goal.  I can tell you from personal experience that in order to flip one house, on average, you are going to have to look at about fifty leads.  I’m not talking about just contracting to flip.  I’m talking converted contracts… closed deals.

Fifty leads = one closed deal

Now, if fifty leads equals one deal, does it make sense that one hundred leads will get you two closed deals?  It does to me.  So, take what’s working and beef it up.  If you’re putting out a hundred bandit signs, put out two hundred next time and track the results.  If you are buying leads from the internet, add a neighboring county and increase your numbers.

There is the law of diminishing returns, which states that continuing efforts toward a goal will eventually plateau and decline.  But, my guess is that will take a ton of money to even approach that point; more than most wholesalers have or are willing to put into their business.  So, don’t worry about it.

Quantify your business and then create a plan to achieve those numbers.  That’s how smart people do it.  Successful ones, too.  If you want consistency in your business, you’ll begin doing this, yourself.  Nothing sucks more than flipping a house for $20,000… and then failing to flip another for six months.  It’s better to make five thousand a month, than to make one big haul… and then go dry for an extended period.  Instead, do what the Pro’s do: quantify your business by starting at the end and working your way backwards.

And, then be consistently prosperous.

Andrew “The Maestro” Massaro
1-on-1 wholesale coaching
free house flipping podcast

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Flipping Houses: Ask This Question Now… Save Yourself A Headache Later

OK, so you contract on a peach of a deal.  You negotiate tough, there are minimal repairs needed and you’ve marketed like a pro.  You’ve fielded inquiries and lo and behold, a cash buyer wants it.  Assignment signed, deposit in hand and all contracts are now with the title company.

Then it happens.  The dreaded call from the title rep.  Clouded title.

Nothing is more freaking frustrating than thinking your deal, and bundle of cash, is all sewn up, only to have a nice, pricey lien attached to the house you’re about to flip… all at the last minute.

That’s how quickly a deal can go from being a peach… to a rotten tomato.

Luckily, there is a way to seriously diminish the chances of this happening.  Qualify your lead up front… and do it thoroughly.  Look, it’s rare that a seller doesn’t know when there is a lien on his property.  Even if he’s forgotten, just asking him will usually jog his memory.

Mr. Seller, what is the total amount owed on the house, including any liens or taxes that need to be paid?

$32,000.  Oh, and I almost forgot.  I had medical bills of $10,000 from a car accident years ago that I couldn’t pay, so they put a lien on my house.  I owe $1,500 in back-taxes from the past two years, as well.  So, total, I owe $43,500.

Know this, a lot of the sellers you will be speaking to are in a bind financially.  And, chances are, this isn’t the first time, either.  There’s a pattern.  And, it’s happened over, and over, and over again to them their entire life.  A black cloud is following them.  And, if you don’t press them to include all they owe, that black cloud will linger over the title, keeping you from flipping the house.

This is a huge time-waster.  Nothing sucks more than thinking you’re going to make $20,000 on a flip, then finding out there is a first mortgage, or medical lien or some other encumbrance that is killing your deal.

And, another thing.  Nothing pisses a buyer off more, either.  It makes us look amateurish.  And, he knows he’s just wasted a lot of time and effort on evaluating the deal.  He’s going to be that much more wary of working with you in the future.  So, take a just few more minutes when speaking with the seller the first time.  Make sure you ask, not only about the existing mortgage.  But, any liens or taxes owed, also.  This could not only save you a huge headache in a few weeks… but could save you a ton of time and effort, as well.

Andrew “The Maestro” Massaro
Founder and Coach of the most personal,
direct, hands-on and 1-on-1 wholesale and
REO coaching program on the planet.
Wholesale Coaching, Inc.



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Flipping Houses: Think you can’t still contract for $.30 on the dollar… and make a bundle? Better read this…

You can’t get houses at $.30 to $.40 on the dollar anymore, right?  At least not from a homeowner, directly…

You can’t flip a house for $20,000+ anymore, right?  Those days are over…

WRONG!  You can still contract on the cheap… and make a ton of money on the flip!

I’ll let you in on a little hint: I just did it.  $.26 on the dollar.  Buyer in place.  $20,000 profit.  Wanna know how?  Keep reading.

First, pay attention to what’s going on with the market.  The market is booming, again.  That typically means that seller-direct deals are scarce… but the profit per deal is… well… booming.  That’s becoming the case again.  Back during the first boom – 2000 to 2005 – deals weren’t that plentiful.  But, when you got one, you made at least $10k, and sometimes upwards of $60k+.  Hell, buyers were so eager to get their hands on a house where the value was rising through the roof, they were bidding up the price.

Now that was fun…

Things aren’t quite to that point yet.  But, it’s getting really fun, again.  So, lesson number one… pay attention to the housing market.  When values are rising fast, people want to get in on it… even if they’re not in real estate.  They will borrow, partner and do whatever they can to start building a portfolio of property.  And, since these people have no idea where to find deals, who are they going to turn to?

You.  The experienced ones will too.

Next, make sure you believe that you can get a deal under contract for pennies on the dollar.  I mean, the lower you get that price, the more money you make.  At worst, you increase your chance of flipping it.  But, if you fail to believe you can get a deal at $.20 on the dollar, you can’t… and won’t.  So, believe not only that you can… but WILL.

Third, offer less than what you’re willing to accept.  For one, they may just take it.  And two, it’ll give you room to negotiate.  And, most likely you will end up getting it for cheaper than your ceiling, anyway.

And lastly, don’t get discouraged if some sellers laugh, or get offended, by your low offers.  Wholesaling is a numbers game, and this comes with the territory.  Most people are not going to accept your low ball offer.  Just the reality of what we do.  All you need to do is land one.  It reminds me of what Tim Tebow said to his critics when he was entering the NFL draft.  He said, “I don’t need every team to like me.  I only need one.”

Before I got this deal under contract, I made an offer on another one.  I offered the guy $20k cash.  His reaction?  I’ve already received offers for more and I won’t take anything less than $40k.  OK, no problem.  I sent him a contract, anyway.  And, I moved on to another deal.

So, make your low offers, expect them to be accepted but be prepared to negotiate, and then go flip that house for ridiculous amounts of money.  You can make more money on one flip than many American families make all year.

That’s the only reality you should focus on.

Founder and Coach of the most personal,
direct, hands-on and 1-on-1 wholesale
coaching program on the planet!
Wholesale Coaching, Inc.


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Flipping Houses – Avoid This Huge Mistake When Dealing With Buyers


One of the absolute biggest mistakes I see wholesalers make these days is demanding your buyer write his deposit check out to you, personally.

The deposit from your buyer is mandatory.  No check… no deal.  It shows us that he’s serious.  And, it insures that we make some money, if this guy flakes out and walks away.

[HINT] If a buyer says he wants the house but won’t give you a non-refundable deposit…he doesn’t really want it… and won’t be buying it.  He’s most likely a fellow wholesaler, who is looking to shop your deal to real buyers.  No good.

Years back, having your buyer give you a deposit check made out directly to you was common.  In fact, that’s how it was done.  But, things are different today.  Lots of guys are shopping deals that they don’t have under contract, and the game is a bit trickier.  And, thus, buyers are a bit skeptical.

So, how do you solve this little challenge?

You simply have your buyer write out the check to the title company.  As long as you state in your assignment or purchase contract with him that his deposit is non-refundable, to be held in escrow by the title company and goes toward the overall purchase price at closing… it’s yours!  And, if he flakes out and fails to close, the title company scratches you a check equal to the deposit.  You put that cash in your bank account… and go look for another buyer.

So, don’t make the huge mistake of demanding your buyer write out his earnest money directly to you, especially if this is the first time you’ve done business together.  Nothing will turn him off quicker… and kill the deal faster.  It’s your money, anyway.  Just send it to the title company and get the deal done.

Andrew “The Maestro” Massaro
Founder and Coach of the most personal,
direct, hands-on and 1-on-1 wholesale
real estate coaching program on planet
Earth! Wholesale Coaching, Inc.

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Flipping Houses: The Secret To Botched Repair Estimates

Look, we’re wholesalers.  And, 99% of the time, that means we’re also NOT carpenters or general contractors.  So, what do you do when a seller tells you the house needs minor cosmetic repairs, when it really needs to be leveled?

Well… let me give you a real world example.

My student sent me a lead not too long ago.  Well, it wasn’t exactly a lead… as much as it was a freaking slam dunk home run.  Here were the numbers:

Um… did you see the number in the wholesale profit line?  That’s $27,000 and it’s not a misprint.  We presented the
offer of $40k and she took it.  Contract was signed and we were marketing this beauty all over town.

Here’s the kicker.

As we began bringing in potential buyers, the repair news was not good.  One guy told us he would need to sink a
good $50,000 into this house in order to get it ready to sell.

$50,000???  In case you’re wondering, that’s a long way off from the $15,000 we budgeted for.  Here is how the
numbers look now:

Our contract was for $40,000 cash.  Big problem.  Our slam dunk just turned into a money pit of a nightmare.  And, on top
of the fact that the numbers were jacked up, what rehabber is going to want to sink $50k into a house?

So, what did we do?  HINT: We didn’t cancel the contract…

We went back to the seller and explained that her repair estimate was whack and that it’s going to cost a crap-ton more to fix the place.  So, in light of this new revelation, we were canceling the original contract for $40,000 and offering her much, much less… like $20,000 cash.  Her reaction?

Forget it.  No deal.

We said fine and bailed.  A day later she called back and we had a new deal.  What else could she do?  She has to deal with us.  That’s the beauty of being a wholesaler.  Sellers in this type of situation have no other viable option.  And now, we have a new deal, with a new inspection period and close date, that we’re pitching to potential buyers.

And that’s how it’s done…

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Flipping Houses: Secret To An Accurate ARV… Without The MLS!

My guess is that you’re not a realtor.  And, not only are you probably not a realtor, but you probably do not have access to the MLS.  So, how do you accurately determine the ARV on a property?


But, before we get into that, let’s talk about how important it is to attain an accurate reading on the property’s value.  If you’re a fan of football, you know that it’s a game of inches.  Just a few inches can be the difference between a new set
of downs… and punting the ball back to your opponent.

Flipping houses is no different.

We’re a game of numbers.  Deviate slightly from an accurate assessment… anywhere along the line, from finding the deal to flipping it… and you could suffer some serious consequences.

The best you can hope for is to lose money on the deal.  That sucks.  But, screw up the numbers good enough and you could lose the deal altogether!

That really sucks.

So, here is how you do it.

One, find a free site you’re comfortable with.  Zillow is a good one.  So is trulia.com.  We’ll use zillow for this article.

Two, pull comps on the subject property by scrolling down to the “nearby similar sales” box.

Click “see sales similar to…”

Then, sort by distance by clicking the distance arrow:

Use a quarter mile as your range, and make sure all comps within that quarter mile are actually comparable (in the example above, if one of the comps sold for $40,000, I’d discard it).

Add up the average price per square feet of the chosen comps, divide by the number of comps, mulitply by the square footage of the subject property.

So, in the example above:

$73 + $84 + 81 + $98 +$85 = $421 / 5 = $84.20 x 1,476 sqft = $124,279 ARV

So, what does Zillow say this house is worth?


Pretty close.  And, pretty accurate.

Look, the MLS is the best source to pull comps.  But, when you don’t have access, you need to what whatever it takes to get an accurate value.  Screw it up… and suffer the consequences.

Founder and Coach of the most personal, direct,
hands-on and 1-on-1 wholesale coaching program
on the planet!
Wholesale Coaching, Inc. <– become elite

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Flipping Houses: Sneaky Buyers Cutting You Out Of The Deal? Read This!

When you contract on a property, you then need to begin to show it to potential buyers, right?  How else will you get the house sold?

So, I was trading emails the other day with one of my new students, and he asked me, “Hey Maestro, how do I get my buyers to see the property without one of them under-cutting my price… and cutting me right out of the deal?”

That’s a great question!

Look, you work your tail off to get the deal.  And, let’s be frank… that’s the toughest part of the wholesalers equation right now… finding the deal.  So, you don’t want to just allow some cash buyer to come in and steal your deal, cutting you out to save himself a few pennies, right?  So, how, exactly, do you get the house sold while ensuring you remain firmly entrenched in the deal?

Step 1:
Call the seller and make an appointment to have the property inspected

“Hi Mrs. Seller, it’s Andrew and I wanted to see when I may be able to bring one of my inspectors over to see the property.”

Step 2:
Call the buyer and give him the dates and times he can see the house

Step 3:
Instruct the buyer that he is posing as your inspector and not as a buyer.

He’ll understand.  And, he is not to speak numbers or price in the presence of the seller, whatsoever!

Step 4:
Make sure you meet your buyer there!

Unless it’s a buyer that you’ve done tons of deals with, and that you 100% trust and feel comfortable with, make sure you are present when he’s there.

And that’s it!  This ensures that you stay firmly in control of every aspect of the deal.  When you lost control, you greatly increase the chances of losing the deal.  So, follow this step-by-step plan, and watch your income grow… FAST!

Andrew “The Maestro” Massaro
Can I help you get started in this amazing business?
Wholesale Coaching, Inc.

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Flipping Houses – Market Your Properties Like A Rock Star (pt 3 of 4)

In part one of this series, I told you exactly what to do when you get a house under contract.  In part two, I told you what to do if ten days go by and you’ve still not found a buyer.  Now, in part three, I’m going to further instruct you on what to do when twenty days go by and a buyer has yet to pull the trigger on what you thought was a slam dunk deal…

OK, after ten days go by and no buyer, you first need to reevaluate the deal.  Now, if twenty days go by and no buyer, you need to reevaluate the deal once again.

What are your potential buyers telling you when they go by the house?  Why are they not pulling the trigger?  Is it the repairs?  The numbers?  The neighborhood?  Is there something about it you are not aware of?

You need to know these things.  And, there is no better person to ask than a rehabber, who has  just gone by and looked at it.

At Day Twenty:

Send Out A Yellow Letter
As my father would say… This is the last-stop-cafe’.  So, make sure you get these out.  If you have FreedomSoft, you can pull a list of cash buyers from that.  If not, you can purchase and download one from listsource.com.  Or, you can have someone do all of it for you – the cash buyer list, the letter or postcard, the postage, the stuffing.


Michael Quarles at YLM is a real estate investor.  And, the mailers he gives you are the same ones he uses in his own business!  It’s just smart to use someone like this.  And if you don’t like any of his mailers, feel free to use the one at the top of this page.  It’s straight-forward, simple and to the  point.  I like it…

Sending yellow letters or postcards is one of the absolute best ways to not only find buyers, but sellers, as well.  It’s targeted and efficient.  But, it does cost some money.  So, you need to be willing to invest a bit.  But, at this point in your contract, your back is against the wall.

Remember, all of this is conditional.  If, after ten days, you evaluate the deal and find it stinks, then you can cancel (more on this in part four).  But, if you’re convinced you can find a buyer, but you’re running short on time, sending a letter out to all of the cash buyers in your county is the best way to get it done quick.  Spending $500 to make $10,000 is a smart investment.

Andrew “The Maestro” Massaro
Founder and Coach of the most personal, direct,
hands-on and 1-on-1 wholesale coaching program
on the planet!
Wholesale Coaching, Inc.

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Flipping Houses – Market Your Properties Like A Rock Star (pt 2 of 4)

OK, part 2 of marketing your properties like a rock star… so they sell!

If you haven’t yet read part 1, you missed a crap-ton of good… free… info.  So much so, I could package what I put in that article and sell it for $500.  OK, so that’s stretching it.  Let’s say… $25.  But, it’s still good stuff.  Money-makin’ stuff…

You need to check it out.  Go here to read it now.

Now… on to part deux.

In part one, I gave you eight marketing techniques that need to be done in the first three days of receiving a signed purchase contract.  So, now it’s day ten and you still don’t have an interested buyer.  What do you do now?

You reevaluate.  Because something is probably wrong.

So what could be wrong with the deal?  Well…

It could be overpriced. (most common)

And, there could be repairs or issues with the house that we’re not aware of. (second most common)

I recently had a student deal that looked like a slam dunk.  We were all set to pocket a quick $19,000 profit.  And, next thing we know, the deal is dead because the seller didn’t have the house rezoned when she changed it from a single family to a multi.
And, as it turns out… getting it rezoned is a real pain in the ass.

Probably why she didn’t bother with it.

So, evaluate the deal again and if you decide that you need to cut your price, for whatever reason, this is the time to do it.

Then, rinse and repeat.

Repeat steps 1 – 8 by either simply updating the price, or alerting everyone of the discount for a quick cash sale.


9. Contact any realtors and any other wholesalers you know and ask them to get in on this sale by referring any cash buyers they know.  And, always offer a piece of the deal.  For a realtor, 10% of your profit should be fine.  For a wholesaler, it may take a bit more, or even a 50/50 split.  With both, always ask what they want first… and then negotiate off of that.

At this point, you’ve already marketed the property all over town.  So, there is no reason to ask another wholesaler to mark up your selling price and offer it to their buyers.  Simply cut him in on the deal.  Remember, making $7,500 on a deal, instead of
$10,000, is a helluva lot better than making zero.

Andrew “The Maestro” Massaro
Founder and Coach of the most
personal, direct, hands-on and
1-on-1 wholesale real estate
coaching program on the planet!
Wholesale Coaching, Inc.

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Flipping Houses – Market Your Properties Like A Rock Star (pt 1 of 4)

When I was learning to flip houses, the rule of thumb was, if it’s a good deal, it’ll sell.  Well… let’s just say that’s not exactly the case today.

Why?  Because there are a ton of wholesalers out there.  And, because cash buyers have a lot of buying options.  So, you need to be smart, clever, diligent and effective in your marketing.  If not, you’ll end up canceling a lot of contracts.

Canceling contracts sucks.  It’s a ton of wasted time, effort and since time is money… MONEY!

Not to mention the profit you missed out on.

So, I’m going to give you a step-by-step blue-print on exactly how to effectively market your available properties… so they sell.  This is the exact stuff I teach my students… so pay attention.

Days 1 – 3 after you’ve received a signed contract:

1. Record and a video walk-thru, and take pictures, of the house.

It doesn’t have to look like it was produced by Marty Scorsese.  It just needs to be something your buyers can see.  And, don’t shy away from the parts of the house that need repair.  Buyers want to see that stuff.  Doing this will endear you to them and gain their trust.  And, if you add a  quick intro and outro to it, it’ll stand out that much more.

2. Upload the video to your “buyer” website… or use VFlyer.com as your site.

Add the video, but also add all of the info about the house, including % of ARV, CAP Rate and Rate of Return (if applicable), repairs (especially), taxes, HOA fees, pool, curb appeal, neighborhood, etc, etc, etc.  And, really sell it!

3. Call all of your VIP buyers.

Let them know what’s available and where to find all of the information (either direct them to a  website or send them an email).  Throw in a few of the benefits, like “You’re going to love this one.  We’re talking 30% annual ROI!  It’s a landlord’s dream.”

4. Blast out an email to everyone you know.

Send it to your buyers, friends, family members, realtors, other wholesalers, etc, etc.  You never know who is going to either want to buy it, or know someone who will want to buy it.

Make sure you offer cash at closing for referrals ($500).  And, also make sure your email has this on it somewhere… “Non-refundable $2,000 deposit required.”  This is a big one.  No deposit… No deal.  And include the pictures you took earlier. Your “buyer” website should include a feature allowing you to turn your posting into an email.  Use it.

5. Put out 50 yellow bandit signs.

Put something like this on it:

3/2 block at half price!
20% annual ROI!
won’t last long

6. Post your property on online classifieds.

This needs to be done every other day.  Post an ad on craigslist, backpage, kijiji, oodles and any other online classified you can find.  To post to many at once, use postlets.com.  And make sure you point out the benefits of buying thisfixer-upper you’re selling.

7. Use biggerpockets.com and connectedinvestors.com.

Biggerpockets.com has hundreds of thousands of  visitors each day to the site.  It’s a real powerhouse in our industry.  And, you can post properties for free.

Connectedinvestors.com was created by a good friend of mine.  It’s Facebook for real estate investors.  It’s also free.  Use it.

8. Print out flyers and plan to pass them out at a REIA meeting.

If you’re not attending your REIA meetings on the regular, you’re simply not trying very hard.  You may meet a hundred chumps.  But, if you meet just one guy who can help you make money, it’s worth it.  Plus, there is usually a lot of good free info available.

OK, this is the end of part 1 in this series.  Hope you liked it.  Parts 2 – 4 coming in the next week, or so.  Keep your eyes out for them.

Andrew “The Maestro” Massaro
Founder and Coach of the most personal,
direct, hands-on and 1-on-1 wholesale and
REO coaching program on the planet!
Wholesale Coaching, Inc.

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Flipping Houses: Free Lesson From A Billionaire

“If I didn’t watch TV and read the newspaper, I would think this country is in the middle of the biggest boom in its history.”
- David Siegel

If you don’t know who David Siegel is, don’t freak out.  I didn’t either.  He’s a one-time billionaire (there are so many now that who
can know them all…) who owns Westgate Resorts, a timeshare company.  And, even-though his company is a fraction of what it was, he’s still worth in the hundreds of millions.

He’s currently building the biggest house in America.  Here it is:

When it’s completed, it’ll be 90,000 square feet.  That’s more than two Walmarts.  Here’s what’s important, though.

In the article I read, he was quoted as saying, “If I didn’t watch TV and read the newspaper, I would think this country was in the middle of the biggest boom in its history.”

Boom.  As in… economic boom.

What does this tell you?

Look, you don’t have to be a billionaire, or even a millionaire, to realize that the mdia is out to create fear and paranoia.  Just tune in to five minutes of your local six o’clock news.  Don’t watch the news?  No worries.  I can help you out

Here is a picture I took not too long ago from my local news.  How’s that for positivity?

Look, if you’re one of those news junkies, do yourself a huge favor and drop out of that world.  If not, you can expect a life of fear, negativity, paranoia, anger and general uneasiness.

Drop out… and it’s much, much easier… to be happy, healthy, content and successful.

Ask me how I know?

Remember this always: what you believe (or, more specifically, what your subconscious mind believes) is what your life is like.  If you believe the world is bad, and that impending doom is upon us, or that you can’t trust anyone and people are out to hurt you… guess what?  You drastically increase the chances of that crap coming into your life.

We live in an attraction-based universe.  That’s how God set it up.  And, your thoughts, feelings and beliefs are the magnet.

Founder and Coach of the most personal, direct,
hands-on and 1-on-1 wholesale coaching program
in the universe!
Wholesale Coaching, Inc.

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Flipping Houses: [RIP] Wholesaling Is Dead

“You are only one short step away from manifesting what you need to reach your goal.” – Neale Donald Walsch

That’s what they’re telling me.

We’re dead.  No more wholesaling.  It was fun while it lasted.  We need to find something else to do.  Hedge funds are putting us out of business.  We had a nice run but it’s over.  We’ve gone the way of the beeper.  And on, and on, and on, and on, and on…

Nonsense.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

We’re not beepers.  Quite the opposite.  We’re cockroaches!   We survive, no matter what.  And, that’s what’s happening here.

But… why just survive?

OK, listen to me.  Take a deep breath.  Relax.  Close your eyes.  Wait, open them.  You have to keep reading.  Don’t close them again.  Except to blink.  Now, understand and believe this with all your heart and being…

If you desire to flip houses.  If you’ve ever desired to flip houses.  If something has been holding you back.  If you have any fear whatsoever.

Lose it.  Now is the absolute best and smartest time to get into this business.  Here’s why:

$ Values are rising… again… after falling for 7 straight years!

$ It’s a seller’s market again (buyer’s markets suck for us…)

$ Less competition to flip/sell wholesale property (thank you hedge funds!)

$ More information than ever to help you be successful (you’re welcome)

$ Greater profit margins so you make more flipping less (work less, make more)

$ Hedge and Equity Funds driving appreciating market
and indirectly assisting wholesalers (it’s true!)

And that’s only a part of it…

Look, I hate to keep beating a dead horse.  But, I can’t seem to convince some people out there.  Every day I get email after email proclaiming the death of wholesaling.  And day after day I dispell the fear.

That’s what I’m doing now.

Be a cockroach.  The new boom is upon us.  Take advantage.

Now get out there and flip something!

Founder and Coach of the most personal, direct,
hands-on and 1-on-1 wholesale and REO coaching
program on Earth… and Uranus!
Wholesale Coaching, Inc. <– it’s time

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Flipping Houses: Valuable Lesson From Monday Night Football

“Everything that you will some day live, you have first imagined.  Nothing will manifest in your experience without the imagination process happening first.” – Abraham (via Esther Hicks)

That picture above is from the last play of last night’s Monday Night Football game.  I didn’t watch the game, but I saw the highlights.  And thus, I was clued in on the incredible controversy that ensued.

If you don’t know, I’ll break it down real quick.  NFL referees and officials are on strike.  So, the NFL was forced to bring in replacement refs… SCABS.  And with them, a ton of controversies, blown calls and botched decisions.

Bottom line: It’s been bad.  Really bad…

So, fast forward to last night.  Green Bay is up.  Seattle lines up for a Hail Mary.  And, who comes down with it?  Well… that’s still being debated.  Looked like an interception.  Refs called it a simultaneous catch, which is awarded to the offense.  End result?

Touchdown.  Seattle wins.

Here is why this controversy (and loss, by Green Bay) was totally avoidable.  Every defensive player, from the time they are in Pop Warner ball, up to the NFL, is taught one thing regarding a Hail Mary pass…

Knock… It… Down.

If Green Bay knocks the ball down, the pass falls incomplete and Green Bay wins.  The defensive player, however, attempts to catch the ball.  And thus, he ends up locked together with a receiver, both laying claim to the ball.

Here is what this play teaches us about flipping houses:

I have basically one hard and fast rule when it comes to wholesaling.  And, if you fail to adhere to it, you’ll likely end up like Green Bay in the end… losing.

My hard and fast rule?

Lock… It… Down!

Under contract, I mean.  Lock it down… now!  I’ve seen it happen time and time again.  You talk to a seller, you get all the information you need.  You hang up, crunch the numbers and decide you want to make an offer.  But, instead of calling the seller back and making it, you decide to make an appointment to see the house first, or do any number of other things.

Big mistake.

Let me ask you, do you think you’re the only wholesaler this seller is speaking to currently?  If so, that’s another big mistake.  Always assume they are speaking to others, sometimes, many more.  And, assume these other wholesalers are making offers, too.  Bottom line… get on it.  If you hesitate, you end up like the Packers.

Missing out.

So, stop messing around and just lock it down.  You can always cancel later, if need be.  But, while you have a contract in place, that seller can’t legally sell to anyone else.  The contract gives you the power; the win.  Without it, you’ll need a Hail Mary… a prayer!

Now get out there and flip something!

Founder and Coach of America’s most personal, direct,
hands-on and 1-on-1 wholesale and REO coaching
Wholesale Coaching, Inc. <– lock it down!

I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again.  We’re on the
verge of another housing boom.  The time to get in on
this is now… not after it hits.  I missed out on so much
money the first boom that it still erks me today.  Don’t
make the same mistake.
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